Welcome to thenumbereleven.org


Redesign Rollout


Welcome to the new thenumbereleven.org. This new layout's not 100% complete but it's much better than the first layout, so it still seems like a good time to deploy it. The navigation bar's search is still a mere placeholder but at some point it'll work for local site search and/or a Searx instance. There are also new links to downloadable/printable versions of each page in the right side of the footer that currently just 404.



As stated in the previous post, for years this website served only as a layout for when I wanted to actually host a website. Funny enough, now that I'm hosting content I'm changing the layout.



Thenumbereleven.org has been under my thumb as a domain since 2013. In more recent years, it had a basic layout filled with lorem ipsum as a placeholder for my lack of content. 26 May, 2021 marks the real birth of this place as a website—the date I started hosting real pages.